‘My colleague keeps commenting how good looking my husband is – I’ve had enough’

Those who get a little too friendly with colleagues in the workplace might quickly regret their decision if boundaries start to be crossed. A woman was left facing the consequences of people in the workplace knowing too much about her personal life when co-workers made suggestive comments about how handsome her husband was.

Taking to popular forum Mumsnet, the woman revealed that a co-worker was obsessed with her husband’s looks and even asked inappropriate questions about their sex life. In the post, she explained: “So, I usually work from home but I have to go to the office every other week or so for a meeting.”

“I became fairly friendly with most of my colleagues. We went out for drinks after work about a month ago, but then I left with my partner to go see a film.

“She made a comment about how good-looking he is. Now every time I see her, she says something to the effect of how attractive he is.

“She’ll mention a Facebook picture I posted of us on the beach or ask about our sex life.

“This has never happened to me before. I’ve never spoken or been asked about my sex life with any of my friends, even my close ones. Nor have they said anything about his looks.

She continued: “I’m not jealous nor am I offended that she notices my partner. She can check him out however much she wants to.

“I’m glad other women can appreciate him. I notice handsome men all the time, but I don’t speak about it to their partners.

“I complained about this to another friend, and she said it was my fault for having a good-looking partner in the first place.”

Taking to the comments, users shared advice by documenting their thoughts about the peculiar ordeal, with one person saying: “Tell her to wind her neck in and stop being so grossly inappropriate.”

A second added: “She’s crossed a line there and is being unprofessional. I wouldn’t even ask an actual friend what their sex life is like let alone a colleague’s.”

Another suggested: “Don’t be friends with colleagues on Facebook. Make sure any social media is only for people you actually know. Tell your colleague she’s being inappropriate and that you don’t expect it to happen again.”

On the other hand, a different user said: “I imagine she wasn’t serious when she said that. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, apart from the questions about your sex life. Obviously, just tell her to mind her own business.”