Woman touched by adorable note taped above old dog sleeping outside its home

While you might not be able to walk as far as you used to, or sit down without grunting, growing old doesn’t mean you have to throw the towel in and spend the rest of your days camped inside in front of the TV.

Many pensioners take up new hobbies to keep their minds and bodies active throughout their retirement – with the lucky ones able to continue their childhood passions – such as painting, woodwork, or badminton – into their twilight years. But it isn’t only humans who pick up new interests through the years as dogs do too.

An adorable dog has been catching people’s attention in Brighton after she started sitting outside her owner’s house to spend her days people watching.

The chocolate labrador, named Connie, has started spending so much time outside her owner has installed a sweet sign in hopes she gets even more attention from those passing by on their daily walks or commutes into work or school.

One of the signs above her bed reads: “Free Cuddles: I’m old and arthritic, but still have lots of love to share,” while another says: “I’m very old and lame, but love affection”.

Resident Becky Albon, who recently spotted Connie during a walk, said: “When I saw her I just thought that it was such a sweet idea and it really brightened my day to get to cuddle her!

“A few other people stopped to cuddle her after we did.”

When sharing Connie’s picture on a Dogspotting group on Facebook, Becky added: “Just went for a walk and met lovely Connie waiting on her doorstep for free cuddles.”

Her post racked in 14,000 likes and almost 800 comments from dog lovers who couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the precious photos.

One user said: “What a lovely idea, Connie‚Äôs mum, along with Connie, are providing excellent ‘therapy’ to anyone who wants or needs it!”

While another user added: ” I love Connie! I wish I could meet her and give cuddles back. Senior doggos are wonderful. Well, on that note all doggos are awesome regardless of age. New mission in life: Find Connie and give snuggles.”

A third user said: “Can you please give her a really long hug from me? And lots of tummy rubs and kisses too, if it’s not too much trouble.”

One more user added: “I would make it my full time job, seven days a week, to cuddle the sweet Connie.”

A firth user said: “Connie you are my spirit dog. I’d like to do this when I’m old and arthritic, too.”